Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ken Bullock - Parts 3 & 4

Part 3 - Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle (BATCC) & Difference Between Reviewers and Critics (5:18)
Part 3-Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (4.9 M)
Part 3-Compressed MPEG-4 (ISDN) (2.5 M).
Part 3-Compressed MPEG-4 (Highest Quality for Dialup) (1.8 M)

Part 4 - Effect of BATCC & Other Awards and Reviews (7:05)
Part 4-Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (6.5 M)
Part 4-Compressed MPEG-4 (ISDN) (3.3 M)
Part 4-Compressed MPEG-4 (Highest Quality for Dialup) (2.5 M)

Note: Dean Goodman, once a member of Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle, now bestows his own Choice Awards to Bay Area theatre artisans.