Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ken Bullock - Parts 1 & 2

Ken Bullock is a reviewer for the Berkeley Daily Planet, the Commuter Times, and the website He is also a member of the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle and is associated with Theatre of Yugen. Limelight refers to a bookstore, concentrating on performing arts' titles. This 39 minute interview is in seven parts.

Part 1 - Current State and History of Bay Area Theatre (5:32)
Part 1-Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (5.1 M)
Part 1-Compressed MPEG-4 (ISDN) (2.6 M)
Part 1-Compressed MPEG-4 (Highest Quality for Dialup) (1.9 M)

Part 2 - Scope and Categories of Current Bay Area Theatre (6:31)
Part 2-Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (6 M)
Part 2-Compressed MPEG-4 (ISDN) (3 M)
Part 2-Compressed MPEG-4 (Highest Quality for Dialup) (2.3 M)