Wednesday, February 22, 2006

David Ostwald Part 1

David Ostwald is directing MANON LESCAUT for West Bay Opera at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto which will be performed February 18-26. He teaches and directs each summer at the Bay Area Summer Opera Theater Institute, a finishing school for young opera singers. The Oxford University Press recently published his book Acting for Singers. This 26 minute interview is in four parts. In this first part, he discusses acting techniques applied to singing. (8:00)

Part 1-Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (7.5 M)
Part 1-Compressed MPEG-4 (ISDN) (3.8 M)
Part 1-Compressed MPEG-4 (Highest Quality for Dialup) (2.8 M)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Michael Gene Sullivan-Parts 6 & 7

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Michael Gene Sullivan-Parts 4 & 5

Part 4-How did Tim Robbins get involved? Note: When Michael mentions The Public, he is referring to The Public Theatre in NYC.(7:24)
Part 4- Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (5.1 M)
Part 4-Compressed MPEG-4 (DSL/ISDN) (3.5 M)
Part 4-Compressed MPEG-4 (Highest Quality for Dialup) (2.6 M)

Part 5-What is your role in Robbins' film adaptation of the play? Are you heading in a new direction? (6:23)
Part 5- Highest Quality Quicktime (Broadband) (4.4 M)
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